Climb the Ladder


Grape Tomatoes

Coordinators, Counter Consultants, Delivery Drivers, Servers and Support Staff
($2.83 server wage – 10/hr)

Grape Tomatoes are the face of our organization. Although they are small in stature (grape tomatoes, that is), they have the largest impact on the guest experience due to their face to face interactions. The most important thing in this business is the guests’ experience.  A close #2 is our team’s experience. We work as a team – united we shall stand…


Plum Tomatoes

Shift Management, Catering Coordinators
($11 – 13/hr)

Plum Tomatoes are 1st tier managers, who are in a position to cultivate the company culture, enrich the experiences of our guests, and to motivate the staff to understand that each day is a great day at The Couch Tomato. No matter what the day may bring, Plum Tomatoes are ready to lead their team to a successful shift, and do so with a contagious smile.


Beefsteak Tomatoes

Operations Management

Beefsteak Tomatoes are top level managers for the organization.  Operational positions exist at branch and regional levels. They are ultimately responsible for oversight of the operation from recruitment, facilities management, training, and everything in between. These results-driven leaders are responsible for the company’s bottom line, but also to ensure that customers find it easy to be loyal tomato fans!